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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is it?

The purpose of this module is to enable you to keep fresh the knowledge of mathematics you already possess and to prepare you for university level engineering mathematics. Without a module like this you could conceivably spend 16 months without doing any mathematics at all, putting you at a serious disadvantage.

How do I apply?

http://lumen.lboro.ac.uk/ and click on ‘registration’ you will need your YINI registration number.

I am not a YINI student - can I still do the module?

You are welcome to register directly with Loughborough University. Contact lumen_admin@lboro.ac.uk for instructions.

Can students from other universities take part?  

They can register directly with Loughborough University by contacting lumen_admin@lboro.ac.uk.

When does it start and finish?

Applications will open in July of each year.  The course starts on 1st October and the final online test must be taken before 30th June the subsequent year.

What Modules will I be studying?

You can see the full syllabus at http://lumen.lboro.ac.uk/offered/index.html

When is the close date for applications?

31st December. The online shop will automatically stop taking registrations after this date.

How much does it cost?

The course costs £120.

How do I pay?

The course is paid for via Loughborough University online shop at http://lumen.lboro.ac.uk/

I don't have a credit / debit card, is there another way of paying?

Unfortunately not, we now only use the online shop for payment.

How many hours is it?

The course is at least 50 hours over the academic year.

Is the course for me?

If you have A level maths or equivalent and are taking a technical degree (engineering, technology, maths, science or economics) we strongly recommend it. You also need to be sure that your circumstances will allow you to finish by the deadline of 30th June, as extensions are not possible.

I have maths and further maths is the course still useful?

Yes, students who have taken the course with maths and further maths agree.

I don't have Further Maths - is that ok?

Some of the material you would have come across in A level but there will be a significant proportion of new material, even for those who have Further Mathematics.

Is it suitable for A level students who need extension work?

We have had teachers ask if a pupil can take the course. We ask that teacher and pupil look carefully at the programme offered to see if it is considered suitable.

What if I need help while I’m on the course?

It is designed as a 'stand alone' course but if you need maths support you will have the email contact of a Lumen team member through a link on the website.

Can I still do the course if I don’t find a placement?

Yes, the course is open to all YINI students.  You just need to quote your YINI registration number which you can get by calling 023 8059 7061.

I have forgotten my user ID or password - what do I do?

No problem, this happens often! Just email lumen_admin@lboro.ac.uk and we will provide them.

How do I record the LUMEN module on my UCAS form?

Lumen is not a recognised qualification so can not be filled in under schools and colleges attended. We suggest it is included under Additional Information or mentioned in the Personal Statement.


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