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One of the aims of the module is to keep you thinking about mathematics throughout your year in industry. It is important that you develop good study habits and work regularly and consistently through the material.

Remember this is more of a marathon than a sprint. Doing everything by the end of January may, in fact be counter productive to the aim of keeping various maths topics 'fresh' shortly before you go up to university.

The following schedule provides guidance on which topics ought to have been studied by which dates:

The module commences October. Students are welcome to register on the programme up to 31st December.

Practice tests on each of the topics will be available in the LUMEN Assessment Area after you have logged in. You may take any of the tests at any time but you are STRONGLY advised to submit tests within the period shown and in the order presented:

Test Suggested submission intervals
1. Matrices
October 1st to November 15th
2. Vectors
November 1st to December 15th
3. Complex Numbers
December 1st to January 15th
4. Calculus
January 1st to February 15th
5. Functions of Several Variables
February 1st to March 15th
6. Applications of Matrices
March 1st to April 15th
7. Differential Equations
April 1st to May 15th
8. The Laplace Transform
May 1st to June 30th

This test regime is designed to encourage students registered for the module to work at a regular rate throughout the year.

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